• Creative Workflow Management
    • From Creative Brief to Approval
    • Revisions, Notes, Turn-around Time
    • Project Archival
    • Reporting and Analytics
    • Build Team Efficiencies


Keeping track of the creative process can be an organizational nightmare. Creative briefs, logos and supporting files get scattered amongst multiple emails with multiple attachments that keep bouncing between team members.

What is on-hold and why? Have we received the product photo yet? What did we create for this client last time? ..and the time before that? Don't they always use purple Pantone 246 for their background? What do you mean this is the wrong size? Nobody said this was for backlit?

How many active jobs do we currently have? What is our current project list for our eastern market? What is our average number of revisions? ...per artist? ...per account executive? What is our spec to win ratio? STOP THE MADNESS!


Enter CreativeQ. Efficiently track projects from your creative brief to approval. Require your sales team to answer the questions your creative team needs answered before they get their juices flowing. Keep the creative brief, project notes, and files in one collaborative space, archived for easy recall at any time. Stop the creative spiral with escalated notifications at project trigger points. CreativeQ is built for managing the creative process. It is easily customized to fit your workflow, without the unwanted feature bloat.

Find the answers you need in one or two clicks. Reporting and analytics help identify where your organization is excelling and where team members can improve.


  • User Integration

    CQ easily integrates with your existing Azure Active Directory and okta Single Sign-On (SSO) systems.

  • No Per Seat License

    CQ has a simple licensing module so there is no need to worry about keeping track of your users and licenses.

  • Reporting and Analytics

    CQ will help answer your business questions with comprehensive reporting allowing you to see snapshots of your team for parameters you want.

  • Mobile Ready

    CQ is designed to be responsive so it is easy to use on your desktop, tablet or phone.

Stop the creative spiral.

CQ Integration

We work with you to match your creative and sales team workflow. We customize your CQ system to gather the data you need and how you want to manage your creative projects. Before launching your CreativeQ system, we customize it to fit you, not the other way around.

Custom Branding

Your CreativeQ system is branded with your logo and colors.

User Profiles

Users can be setup manually or managed thru employee databases such as Azure Active Directory. Admins can have additional privleges to view the entire organization, while other users can only see projects related to them.

External Application Integration

If you are already using a customer relationship management (CRM) solution we can interfce with it to pull in client information to start off the creative process with less data entry and better data integrity. If you have a project management system we can push information to that system to continue the workflow. We also offer CRM and project management solutions.

Clients Said

  • "These guys have delivered everything they said they would. On time, on budget and it has always done exactly what they said it would."

    Kevin Gleason, President, Adams Outdoor Advertising
  • "We could not be happier with the way our system has come together"

    Gary Riley, VP / General Manager Indiana, Olympus Media, LLC

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